Young HiPos

Young Talent Matching

Young High Potential employees, aka Young HiPos, are that illustrious group of individuals who are the rising stars in your organization.

Our mission is to be the best recruitment agency for Young High Potentials. We do that by building a solid and profound partnership with our clients and young candidates.

Young HiPos is a specialist recruitment agency with a unique focus on young talented people looking for their next career jump. We focus on employers looking for their next generation leaders. 

Our constantly expanding network helps us identifying strong potential candidates in a personal, original and efficient manner. Our goal is to find the right match between our candidates and clients for permanent positions.

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Young HiPos for Employers

Generation Z will change your workplace. Don’t wait until they find you. Find them.


Young HiPos for candidates

Dare to choose, dare to jump. Dare to challenge conventional wisdom. We’re here to help!

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