Young HiPos

Recruitment process

Good to know you

Only if we know you well we will be able to find the right candidates or the right employers.  We take our time for you, if you take your time for us. No candidate search without a meeting and thorough understanding of your needs.  No job search without an interview and real understanding of your professional aspirations.  We take your future happiness & success very seriously. 

Network & search

We are constantly investing in and reaching out to our existing network. We have an excellent view on our market and follow all movements within. Apart from that, we build strong relationships with our candidates, give them career advice and strive to match them with their ideal job. Not only the candidates we already know are being considered, a tailor-made direct search is standard in our recruitment process: mapping your industry and directly approaching potential candidates. We also reach out to actively looking candidates via different media sources: our website, job boards, events, social media and specialized websites.

Interview & contract

As soon as we find a match we will introduce our candidate to the employer. From there on they will automatically start their usual application procedure and we will give both parties the support they need. There is no obligation for anyone to actually sign an employment contract.

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